How it works?

We will create a tailored marketing strategy and apply marketing automation tools so you don't need to spend hours doing it manually.

Outbound Marketing

Find your next best customer by sending the right email. In order to avoid bad practice we will help you build a clean strategy by finding the correct prospection tool and finding the best way to approach your leads.

Social Media Marketing

Automate your instagram posts, analyze the best hashtags and moments to publish, get inspiration from your competitors pinterest posts and automate your twitter presence in order to get traction without spending the whole day on the internet.

What will we do?

We will have a set of interviews with you in order to understand your company, your processes and your needs and will develop a tailored solution for you. Once the solution is created we will teach you how to get the best out of it and you will have customer support via our private Slack/Discord channel where we will update your workspace and improve it based on the needs you find while using it.


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Girona (Spain)
Andorra La Vella (Andorra)